Raising children multilingual

Our hope is that one day our daughter will be at least bilingual in Arabic and English.  My husbands speaks to our daughter in Arabic and I speak to her in English.  I also use a few arabic words I know.  As a little baby we found a great language program called Little Pim. Our daughter loved the little panda bear cartoon used in the video and children speaking in easy to understand conversations in Arabic.  We purchased the 3 CD set and gave one away as a baby gift.  She has also watched some of the French and Spanish videos via the public library and Amazon Prime.  

We would like to give her a strong start in both languages, and I would like to have her listen to several languages for her to develop an ear and appreciation for all languages.

English will be her first language as she grows up in the United States and inshallah (God Willing) Arabic the language of Quran will be her second.  We shall see if she picks up other languages as she grows older.

Earlier this year I printed out a set of flash cards with the arabic letters, unfortunately I don’t remember the link at the moment but the blogger only had half the letters and never added the additional promised second half.  But, I did just come across this great matching game I hope to print out soon.  I idea was to introduce her to the arabic letters at the same time as her ABCs.

Arabic Alphabet Game 

Next year I will focus on purchasing Arabic and the bilingual Arabic- English books to grow her collection.  There are not quite as many books as there are for other languages, but hopefully that will change.

We also use other Arabic cartoons and Islamic video’s like Adam’s World Alif is for Allah.


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