Preparing for Eid

Tomorrow should be the last full day of Ramadan for us inshallah (“God Willing”).  Today I did Henna for the first time myself.  I started to dabble a bit in drawing with no training this past December.  I used a doodle technique called Zentangle,  I’ve been hooked on how relaxing it is when I draw different patterns.  I’ve already added some of the work I’ve done to this blog, including the cover photo.

I just received “Teach Yourself Henna Tattoo: Making Mehndi Art with Easy-to-Follow Instructions, patterns, and projects.”  by Brenda Abdoyan in the mail.  I was able to purchase henna paste from the local Halal store and I drew the first beginner pattern and mixed a few other styles from the book.

 wasn’t able to sleep after Isha prayer (the last of our required five prayers for the day), I started making a few decorations.  I found a pdf template of some suncatcher lanterns the other days. The original design for these was on another blog called Sweet Fajr.  This sister has a ton of great crafts I hope to try inshallah.   I stayed up making a few as you can see in the photo:  suncatcher laterns

I also started to wrap and put together a few eid gifts which I will finish up tomorrow night inshallah.

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