Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (In the name of Allah)

Since I’ve become more comfortable wearing hijab, I enjoy putting together outfits.  I struggled to locate places to purchase clothes and scarves at first.  Alhumdullah (“Thanks be to God”) there are several more local shops opening up.

I started purchasing online the first location was Hijab Girl.  They had very reasonable priced scarves/ hijabs with a flat rate shipping.  Most of my beginning hijabs were from them, and I found the two piece Al-Amira hijab, my personal favorite.  The reason for this is because they are so easy to wear with a underscarf and matching hijab.  This really helped me to gain confidence in wearing hijab, since I didn’t need to wrap them at all.

Next, I ordered some clothes from  I ordered my first Salwar Kameez, a pant suit outfit that is very popular in India.  I also ordered several Tunics.  What is really great about this company, they called me after I filled out my online order to double-check on sizes before sending them out.  They also didn’t have one of the outfits posted so they were about to find another suitable match.

I love swimming so I really wanted to find a swimsuit I could wear that would keep me covered in an Islamic appropriate way.  So, I ordered my first swimsuit from Splashgear.  Islamic swimsuits are quite expensive but, it is worth the purchase especially if you love going to the beach or pool.

Most recently, I’ve discovered East Essence, they are so reasonable with prices.  I was able to order several abaya’s from them most under $20.00.  There are ones that are fancy but, I like the simple plain everyday ones.  I’ve gotten so many complements, even asking why I am so dressed up when I wear the abaya.

I also keep an eye out in regular stores purchasing long skirts and dresses, long sleeve shirts etc..  I’ve purchased items at different Islamic conference, and local bazaars, and Halal market stores.

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