My first year in Islam @ work

A month after I had taken my Shahada, I was going on job interviews to become a school librarian. I was hired to work in an urban elementary school starting in August (three months later).

I had always dressed modestly, but as I began my transition I was still wearing short sleeve shirts, short skirts, and no hijab.  So outwardly you wouldn’t have been able to tell something had changed within me.

I seriously may have confused my coworkers as the end of the school year came and the temperature had heated up.   I had started to cover my arms and legs  up to my wrists and ankles, no longer exposing extra skin.  A common question asked like “aren’t you hot in that?”  It might be strange to some but, I find comfort in covering my skin.  Yes during the summer I might be hot like everyone else.  But, my faith in Allah gives me the strength to dress modestly and I have found many ways to still dress comfortably.  I love this short article as another sister tells her journey to hijab.

I also had experimented with hijab but, was not quite ready to commit full-time.  One day I had driven to work with the hijab on all the way into the school underground parking lot.  I removed it in the car but, someone had seen me.  They ran after and were concerned I was a threat to the school.  After September 11th, the interpretation of Islam is very misrepresented which I had strongly seen from my research and education.  I hope inshallah, (God willing), as I write about my journey I will help to open a door of understanding of the Islam as a peaceful and beautiful religion.

hijab sketch


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