How I became Muslim

In 2007, I had been married to my husband for four years he was Muslim and I was Catholic.  I had been raised with a strong religious background including several years of private Catholic education.  But, I was losing connection or maybe I never had it and I was curious about my husband’s faith.  I went to the public library and checked out a few books and videos on Islam.  I researched and read any information I could find, I looked online for more information.  I discovered a few events happening at UMASS Lowell organized by the school’s Muslim Student Association (MSA).

At these events I listened to people lecture, a few people shared their stories, and I met a great group of Muslims and non-muslims that I still remain in contact with today.  After careful consideration and reviewing all the information the only thing I could do was pray.  I got down on my knees and lowered my head to the ground like I had seen my husband and others do and I asked for help to make a decision.

A couple of days after that I took my Shahada, or testimony of faith and that afternoon I remarried my husband in Islam in the local Masjid.

[Who say], “Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.” (Quran 3:8)
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